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Itinerary #1: Namibia camping details and distances

As we are progressing with our trip, we realize that there are numerous reviews, opinions and itineraries out there…and while some camping spots and highlights are an absolute must for some people, it didn’t necessarily resonate with us…as I’m sure our itinerary and camping selection will not be for everyone else! What we require are firstly a safe space that is quiet and clean (especially the bathrooms), where we feel as if we can breathe without hordes of people around. And then if there are a couple of added amenities around, we will definitely gravitate towards them…eg grass to camp on, a swimming pool for the Namibian heat, private ablutions, etc! That said, one of our favorite campsites were at the Namtib Biosphere Reserve, where there were none of the additional amenities, but all of the essentials of safety, space, quietness and a sense of being able to breath deeply due to the open expanse!

Looking back on our time traveling through Namibia, there are still a couple of places that we didn’t get around to see, and that we’ll have to cover on a next trip. These include:

· Camp at Spitzkoppe – unfortunately we were in Namibia in the middle of their busy August season, with loads of European self-drivers’ agents booking out all the Spitzkoppe camping sites months in advance.

· Hike Brandberg Mountain – we learnt that this is actually a 3day hike that one should arrange in advance…and also preferable do after it has rained a bit!

· 10-15day guided drive from Torra Bay on the Skeleton Coast up into Angola, and down via the Kaokoland – one can only drive north of Terrace Bay (on the Skeleton Coast) if you have a permit and are part of a concession group led by a guide. We would love to return with a group of friends and family to do a guided trip through Skeleton Coast, and then combine it with a trip through Angola (you are at the border afterall!), returning via the Kaokoland. We skipped the Kaokoland this time due to the extreme drought, which resulted in turning the area into one big dust storm ☹ But it is definitely an area that we would love to explore sometime in the future!

Two top tips:

· Get a Gondwana Card beforehand for great discounts at their campsites! We only realized halfway through our Namibian trip that it is cheaper to “glamp” in their campsites than camp almost anywhere else…with better facilities to boot!

· Do NOT stay in the NWR camps at either Sesriem or Etosha – the 30min earlier / later access to the parks do not justify the poor conditions and exorbitant costs for camping at these sites! Rather stay outside, and do day visits.

Our 26day and 4,975km itinerary (cost is in ZAR for 2 people):

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