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Itinerary #2 – Zambia camping details and distances

We drove from the Ngoma border post between Namibia and Botswana through the Chobe National Park to Kasane. We originally planned to enter Zambia directly via the Kazungula ferry, but due to some border difficulties we ended up driving through Zimbabwe to enter Zambia via the Victoria Falls border.

The distances below are deceivingly short compared to the time spend travelling, as our average speed was around 60km/h on a good day, and around 30km/h on a slow day.

Places still to see / things to do in Zambia:

· We were too early for the annual bat migration, that typically starts end October to November. The itinerary below can easily be adjusted to include a couple of days in Kasanka NP, instead of going to Samfya.

· The furthest north that we went was Kapisha Hot Springs. We plan on visiting some of the northern waterfalls (all situated in a horse shoe route in Northern Zambia) as well as the Zambian shores of Lake Tanganyika later on the journey, crossing from Tanzania back into Zambia.

Top tip / advisable change to our itinerary:

· We went to Samfya (Lake Bangweulu) on advice from fellow overlanders who were there many years ago. In hindsight, the pot-holed road taking one there off the Great Northern Road, as well as the state of the lake (according to one of the locals, the lake is dying and will be completely devoid of fish in the next couple of years), did not justify the time spent there. We should rather have gone to Mutinondo Wilderness Camp, and used the same road turning off the Great Northern Road into and out of the Bangweulu Wetlands.

Our 20day and 2,752km itinerary:

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