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Itinerary #4 – Rwanda camping details and distances

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

We drove from the Rusumo border post in Tanzania, in a round-about way through Rwanda on our way to Uganda, exiting at the Cyanika border.

Rwanda’s infrastructure, and specifically roads, were some of the best that we’ve encountered on our trip so far. That said, the average speed is still only about 50km/hour, as the roads through the “country of a thousand hills” do justice to its name, and continuously snake up and down mountains passes. Usually there is either a bus or a truck in front of you…or else the numerous villages are on top of each other…all leading to very slow going. That said, the roads were beautiful!

Rwanda doesn’t actually cater for overlanders as far as we could tell, and one is forced to either “camp” in a lodge / backpackers’ parking area, or alternatively look for B&B type accommodation.

Top recommendations:

· Bethany B Hotel allows you to camp on their grass, right next to Lake Kivu. A really welcome reprieve from a camping viewpoint!

Top tip / advisable changes to our itinerary:

· We went through Rwanda in the short rainy season, and the very very low touristy season. As a result, we were usually the only people camping wherever we went…which led to some fairly eerie parking lot camping experiences 😊I’m sure in the high season some of the parking lot camping sessions can actually be quite festive!

Our 8 day and 723km itinerary:

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