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Itinerary #5 – Kenya camping details and distances

We drove from the Malaba border post in the west of Kenya towards Nairobi, where after a brief break we went north to Mt Kenya before turning south towards the Masai Mara again, exiting Kenya on their South-Western border with Tanzania at Isibania.

Top recommendations:

· Two of our favorite campsite through this trip has been Camp Carnelly as well as Castle Forest Lodge – be sure not to miss them!

Top tip / advisable changes to our itinerary:

· We stayed at the Mara Serena Lodge in the Masia Mara Triangle as a treat. There is a beautifully situated campsite in the Triangle that we would stay over at next time…and just go to the Lodge for a couple of drinks whilst watching the view!

· The eastern part of Kenya has a number of amazing places to explore, including Tsave West and the coastline…one can easily send another 2 weeks doing an eastern circuit. We had to take a couple of days out at Jungle Junction for some much needed recovery post picking up a nasty virus, and had to cut the eastern part of the route out of our plans.

Our 17 day and 1,598km itinerary:

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